JURATOR Finance & Management provides other services, such as:

Financial and business counseling

Face-to-face, phone or e-mail counselling on accounting, finance, personnel and salaries, which might improve the company’s functioning and ensure its steady market development. As a part of this service we also offer:

  • solutions for running management problems on the strategic as well as operative level
  • tax settlements operational research
  • arrears deduction and prior account book entries verification
  • accounting consultations

Internal audit service

Independent counselling and verification service for account book entries and financial reports, whose objective is to improve the company’s operation and providing it with an added value. The internal audit service we provide:

  • helps to optimise procedures between the accounting department and the board of directors or between an accounting office and a company. This includes improved communications, improved deadlines observance and a decrease in miscommunications and errors.
  • helps the company to realize its goals through a systematic and thorough assessment and constant improvement of risk management processes
  • improves the control and management of a company
  • is a combination of procedures and tests that determine whether the sales rate, level of liabilities or the financial resources presented in the financial report are not markedly distorted.

Recovery service

In debt prevention as well as debt recovery. As a part of this service we offer:

  • contractor and employee payment management and monitoring
  • recovery audits (determining the legal situation of the contractor and their solvency)
  • assistance in sales
  • the monitoring of receivables and the elimination of debt risks
  • pre-litigation debt collection and assistance in negotiations with the debtor
  • settlements with debtors to minimise court and execution fees
  • conducting of legal and enforcement proceedings
  • filing a bankruptcy petition and representing the creditor in bankruptcy proceedings

Stocktaking outsourcing

A competent physical inventory by physical stocktaking service for small businesses as well as corporate clients and networking companies: security assistance, the reduction of tampering risk in the evaluation of company’s assets and the preparation of reports and end results analyses for the inventories. Owing to our service, the entrepreneur:

  • may be sure that the physical inventory is carried out professionally and in accordance with the current regulations for stock-taking and pursuant to the guidelines of the Accounting Act
  • may count on the flexibility of the inventory schedule
  • will be supplied with all documentation drawn up in the course of the inventory (inventory documents form, inventory regulations abstracts, inventory tasks specifications etc.)
  • will receive a synthetic as well as an analytic register records on all the assets subject to the inventory
  • is guaranteed to be provided with diligent and impartial inventory service
  • will receive a report with an analysis of the results of the inventory, including the state and structure of resources, their quality, utility and security from destruction and overuse.

Additional online tools

Enabling the client the view and access to the accounting data, charts and financial reports based on current information entered into the accounting system.

For your convenience, all communications with the accounting office (including document transfer and accounting consultations) may be held by phone and e-mail, and due to online tools, the client has a round-the-clock access to their account sheets. In this form of cooperation, the documentation can be archived in two ways: the paper version can be sent over to the office or it can stay at the premises of the client.

We also provide service in:

  • Preparation and business plans analysis
  • Enterprise evaluation
  • HR counselling (preparing and adjusting incentive systems, creating organisational structures for companies)
  • Drawing up strategic analyses for companies and their development strategy
  • Assistance in restructuring of company

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