JURATOR Finance & Management offers assistance in controlling, superintendence and co-creation of business plans and financial plans for companies.

We also provide reports on the consolidation of financial statements for domestic entities as well as foreign capital companies.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a prerequisite to success in any business operation. It allows the entrepreneur to:

  • minimise risks through the assessment of impact the decisions made today might have on the company’s condition in the future
  • decide on the best possible course of action
  • create a financial plan/budget that will accommodate the expenses for running business operations or a new investment
  • analyse, consider and compare different scenarios (pessimistic, normal and optimistic)
  • eliminate surprises as it helps to assess the company’s situation in any given scenario and provides solutions for when the expectations of future are not met
  • assure internal feasibility and internal coherence between the company’s share in the market, return rate on equity, financial leverage and other aspects of operation.

Complementary to our financial planning service, we also prepare and provide commentary on:

  1. Sales forecast – the plan’s focus is on future sales prognosis and the planning of finance to support the sales rate. The forecast takes into consideration the changes in economic situation.
  2. Pro forma financial reports – the financial plan features a tentative balance sheet, profit and loss account and a cash flow statement. The entrepreneur defines the sales rate our task is to generate a profit and loss assessment and a balance sheet based on previous cost records and a suitable adjustment of estimated expenses.
  3. Assets requirements – the plan presents an estimated capital input. In the minimum option, the tentative balance sheet features changes to permanent assets and net working capital.
  4. Financial requirements – the plan features necessary financial solutions such as an appropriate dividend policy, a suitable debt management policy, share issue or a loan. It also provides advice on external financing resources needed to manage insufficient or superfluous financing as well as on assuring balance of payment equilibrium.
  5. Economic assumptions – the plan takes into consideration the economic environment in which the company operates and estimates values such as future interest rates or tax rates.

Financial Controlling

Our service in financial controlling allows the entrepreneur to:

  • maintain the financial liquidity of the company
  • manage the circulation of current assets
  • optimise fixed assets investments necessary in making decisions of purchase, production, utilization, maintenance, repair, sale or elimination)
  • manage costs

As part of our controlling service, we analyse budget plan divergence, prepare analyses and ad hoc reports and other necessary balance sheets and reports that might help the board of directors and the supervisory board in company management.

Our assistance with the implementation of controlling procedures will improve the company’s organizational and procedural schemes through the establishment of centres for responsibility, costs, profits and operations/projects, all with their dedicated budgeting and accounting procedures.

Financial Analyses

Our offer in financial analyses for companies includes:

  • providing information on the financial results and situation of the company that are necessary in management
  • financial reports analysis, cash flow assessment, the analysis of factors shaping the financial market and establishing the financial situation of the company, especially as regards its financial liquidity, indebtedness, activity, turnover, effectiveness and other factors in the company’s field
  • the calculation and presentation of financial indicators with a commentary
  • providing any explanations necessary for the client’s comprehension of financial reports and various kinds of risks

In our drawing up of a financial analysis we make use of the company data, including financial reports, accounting data, calculations, the results of previous analyses and other documents of the company’s operation.

Since the reliability of such an analysis depends on the veracity of data it is based on, we also offer arrears deduction and prior account book entries verification.

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